Why Women Would Want A FWB Relationship?


Women are emotional creatures that what we all know. Some of them are easily to fall for others. When they invest more and more of herself in a man, they would want something serious. The friends with benefits relationship is unable to meet their needs any more. Some male adult friend finders would like to ask, in this case, why so many women would get into the fwb hookup dating? Either way, don't be surprised when women first behave enthusiastically, and then behaves coldly. There are some reasons why they want a fwb.

This is her strategy.

One of the reasons women engage in FWB relationships is because this is simply their strategy for roping a man in. This may be her strategy. She just makes friends with men before slowly developing a relationship. Or, you seem too valuable, it is difficult to give her the confidence to let you enter a relationship through other means. If this is her strategy, it usually means self-esteem issues and a low level of self-confidence for her-confident women have no difficulty in letting most men commit to their promises very early.

If it's a strategy for her to after you, and you are a strong, dominant guy, find that most women resort to bending his rules because this is the only way they can get him, um, just a part of dating you, now you have realized that it reflects the actual reality of dating a man like her in her ego and all, and the imbalance of value this includes. But in some cases, if the friend who has friends with benefits relationship has not transformed into a real relationship, she will start to feel that her strategy is not working, will feel frustrated, and then will break up. In this case, the reason for the end of this casual relationship is because this fwb relationship was not the result she wanted from the beginning. On the contrary, this is just a means to achieve the goal. If she starts to feel that the ending is out of reach, then she will start to feel that it is time to admit defeat, and then try to be with a new person.

This is where does the value difference come into play.

Comparing your value with hers, determines the nature of the friends with benefits. If your partner's value is roughly equal or lower, she will establish a date hookup relationship with you to meet her sexual needs while waiting for a better person to appear. If your spouse value is slightly higher, she will enter a fwb relationship with you. If you insist, but she will not stay long. If you are not clear what you want, you are not high enough, she will waste a lot of time waiting for you. She has a serious relationship. If your spouse selection value is significantly higher than her, it will be difficult for her to enter a tinder hookup relationship, because she knows that you get a boost and someone like you in any ability from her league and is willing to stick to it. And hope you are familiar with her, attached to enough to let your other options dry up, you fall into or a relationship with her.