Psychology of Cross Dressing Men


According to my previous research on a survey report, 90% of the people in this survey report are crossdressers. I have a preliminary understanding of this group, including their psychology and the situation they are facing. The study found that a large proportion of these people were influenced by female members of the family in their early years. Not only that, an expert with 12 years of university education and 3 years of genetic research says it is highly likely to have genetic components. In a society where crossdressing is regarded as a strange behavior, a series of serious mental diseases may follow, such as depression and drug abuse, because they can't get the understanding and support of others. So, for those who think that cross dressing is a shame, it's necessary to be open-minded and frank to express their views, because the support of some of them can at least alleviate your pain to some extent. Find transgender here.

Psychological differences between cross dressers and non cross dressers:

The biggest difference between cross dressers and non cross dressers is how their brains connect. For the former, when they wear women's clothes, they can get great satisfaction and a unique pleasure. However, for the latter, wearing women's clothes will not bring them a happy experience, but will make them feel stupid and humiliating. Many people may wonder why there is such a big difference between the two. In fact, this is closely related to how our brain establishes neural connections. In childhood, through continuous learning, some people's neural connections are strengthened, while others are cut off. And our early life experience can determine the process of our neural connection. That's what we said above, which can be influenced by women in the family.

Transvestites, we generally refer to men who are obsessed with women's wear. In fact, they have not had a good reputation. From the traditional point of view, it's ridiculous and shameful that a man likes to wear skirts, high heels, make-up and lipstick, and it's also evil. In a marriage, when a woman finds out that her husband is secretly wearing her skirt, it may be followed by a break-up or divorce. At work, when a leader is found to be a cross dresser, his prestige in front of his colleagues may decline a lot. Cross dressing seems to be an admission of failure. People not only don't think it's a normal behavior, but think it's a particularly shocking deviant behavior. Here is the best transgender hookup app.

Wearing women's clothes can not only bring them satisfaction, but also bring a pleasant sexual experience. In fact, when it comes to skirts and lipsticks, it's a stereotype to think of women. It's also a social norm about gender. However, this does not mean that men can only wear pants, not skirts. Therefore, when we meet cross dressers, we should not discriminate against and ridicule them, nor have the right to criticize them with a proud attitude. This is an inclusive society. We should accept different groups of people in society. Find the good dating apps.