Hookup tips 101: How to have a nice hookup?


For people who have interest in having a one night hookup, here are few tips for you to make it more pleasant and successful.

First, ask yourself, do you really want it. Don’t enter a hookup with an uncertain mind. Do you really want to have a tinder hookup? Do you really want to hookup with this person in front of you? Ask yourself before entering into one, because if you are not sure about it, you won’t be endeavor your best and you won’t be having the utmost fun in it.

Second, ask your partner if she really wants it. If you are going to share a night together, you should make sure this is what you both want. This is a mutual activity, which requires the same amount of efforts from both sides. Therefore, you should make sure you are both into it. 

Third, what is your purpose? Do you hookup with someone because you want to? Or it is for other purpose? You should have one night hookup with the right purpose. Hooking up with someone with the wrong purpose could lead to regret. I know there is hookup culture in many colleges. People think the more hookups they get, the more attractive they are and the more respected they will be. Some people may think other people are all having hookups, so you will too. Your sexual life is your own business. Don’t let anyone else to be your judge.

Don’t set expectations. Never enter a hookup with a certain expectation. You shouldn’t expect it to be perfect, nor nice. Prepare for the worst. You should neither expect any commitment out of it, because it won’t happen in hookups. No matter you find your hookup partner on hook up apps or in a bar, or introduced by your friend, hookups are just what they are. Don’t expect them to turn into some other things, especially not relationships.

Have fun! This is what a hookup all about. Having fun might be the soul purpose of one night dating and hookups. If you are not having fun, then there is no point of doing it. You might as well stay home and watch a movie. That should be more fun than having a dull and unpleasant hookup. By having fun, I also mean that you shouldn’t do anything that may make you feel uncomfortable. There is no need to make unnecessary compromise with someone whom you might never meet after this night. Just do what you want and don’t do anything that may upset you.

Be safe. This is the most vital tip I could give you. Wearing condom and it is a must. Never give in on this issue, unless you want to be ended up with STDs or unplanned pregnancy for girls. Protect yourself no matter how persuasive he/she might sound.

I wish yiu a successful and safe one night hookup.