Tips for older woman for cougar dating

Cougar woman always in hunt of young cubs to date and fulfill their sexual desires, it is believed that cougar dating won’t go for long and it’s basically for those that are interested in casual dating and having fun together for that particular moment of time. in short, there’s isn’t any commitment level that will affect cougar dating. Many cougar woman do enjoy their cougar dating quite amazingly and few have some real bad experience while trying a cougar date.
To make your cougar date full of enjoy and excitement, here are few tips that every older women must know before dating any young cub. if you an older woman and have to face a real bad experience while dating a young cub, you must know these essential tips about cougar dating. Here are the best cougar dating tips for older woman to make their cougar date a successful one. Here are the best cougar dating tips for older woman –
Don’t think that your dating partner is your sex slave – when it comes to cougar dating, most cougar woman thinks that the young cub to whom they date is their personal sex slave and they can do anything with them in order to fulfill their sexual or personal desires. This is not quite correct and if you too are doing the same with your dating partner, it’s quite sure that your partner will leave you in just short time and you will remain alone again. In cougar dating, its fact that you are older than her and command or guide your dating partner but treat him as your slave is not that correct. In dating, both are equal and you should also treat him the same say as you want to treat by others. When you start dating him, you both are same and both deserve respect.
Never hurt self-respect of your dating partner – maintaining your own self respect is mandatory and if you are going to hurt your partners self respect, it’s quite sure that he won’t respect you or don’t care you anymore. It’s important to give respect to your dating partner as well.
Never be in commanding role always – you are older than your dating partner and it’s quite obvious that you are have better sense to maintain things than the young cub, but that doesn’t mean that you always give commands and remain in commanding role. Your dating partner too understand that things and will learn everything shortly. He tries the best to do things in proper way. So behave as a friend to your dating partner and remain calm when saying anything to him.
Listen to his views as well – when you are making any plan to go out, it’s not right to not ignore his views. You must listen to him what he is saying. There might be better idea he have than yours. So, pay attention to what he is trying to say or have in his mind.

Tips for young cubs to make your cougar dating successful

Dating a cougar woman is quite amazing and off course most young cub have a dream to date an older woman and fulfill their sexual fantasy. Most guys do want to date an older woman because they heard that older women are quite very good in bed as compare to other young woman and they will give you a complete pleasure and take the sexual relationship to the next level and make this moment a memorable one. Most guys do want to experience this and these things make them super excited.
But thinking about a cougar dating is quite not enough and you must know the tips and tricks to make your cougar woman happy and you also have to do efforts so that your cougar woman will like and willing to date you. There are some special tips and trick that will help you to get your first cougar date. Here are the best tips and tricks that will help in your first cougar dating. Follow these essential tips to impress your cougar woman –
Keep your confidence high – Man full of confidence is quite different and attractive among others. So, it’s best to not lose your confidence when you are going to meet your cougar date for the very first time. if it happens, this makes her feel that you are not interested in cougar date or she might not be the perfect partner of you. In both terms you are going to lose your first cougar date for sure. Keep in mind that nothing is sexier or attractive than a man that is full of confidence. Cougar woman too loves to date a man who is known for his high confidence and treat her like a true gentle man.
Be available for her – when you are dating a cougar woman, it is important to be available when she needs you or whenever she called you. No matter where you are and what you are doing, if your cougar woman need you and want to spend time with you, it’s quite clear that you must be with her instead of making an excuse to remain busy or be someone else.
Make her happy with your words – cougar woman love to hear more about her from their dating partner. So, it’s best to make her happy with your words. Make her feel that she is the only one that you are looking for or she is so special for you. Make be believe that she is quite beautiful and you are completely mad for her. She means a lot for you and you really do care for her. These are few things that will certainly help you to make your cougar woman happy and she would really like to be with you and love to spend time with you for long.
These are some basic but the most important tips that every young cub must follow to make her happy or impress her.